RMSC Your home break will be located in Rio Mar in the town of San Carlos. Every morning, you will check the breaks right in front of the camp and search for the perfect waves.

This place suits beginners and surfers of all levels! There are consistent beach breaks - lefts and rights, and a world class right point break.

Other breaks close to the surf camp are within 15 minute driving distance. Transfers to other surf spots are available upon request.

RMSC offers custom surf tours with experienced Panamanian guides for all levels. We have a multitud of breaks ranging from right to left, reef to points.


Panamá has two weather seasons during the year. The dry season (summer in Panamá), That extends from December to April  and the "green" season that extends from may to December (winter in  Panamá) .The green season or winter is the best time of the year for swells on the pacific coast of Panama.

Panama swells are generated from the southern hemisphere from 190 to 230 degree.

It has a very predictable climate with an average air temperature of (32 ° C - 89 F) and a water temperature of ( 28 ° C - 82 F).

The dry season or summer, offers clear skies and isolated trade winds from the northeast (Offshore) winds all day and night.

Do to its geographic position, Panama offers some unic ocean phenomenons.The tides on the pacific coast of Panama fluctuates up to 20 feet from high to low, a single  surf break can show different characteristics with the changing tide.


Short-boards $15.00 a day
Fun-shapes, Longboards $25.00 a day / Stand Up Paddle Boards $40.00 a day.
Surf lessons from Capt. Barnes (2 time champion of Panama) for $20 an hour
SUP lessons $35.00 an hour

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