If you are not driving you can make it to our camp by taxi, the ride costs around $80.00 from Panama City & $100 from the airport.


You can also make it by bus. To make it by bus the best thing is to take a taxi to the Albrook bus terminal around $5 from most parts of the city. Then take a bus to San Carlos (around $3.50) on the bus terminal. if you don't find a bus to San Carlos you can also take one to Penonome , Anton, and stop in San Carlos. From there you take a taxi to Rio Mar around $2.00

The buses from Panama City to San Carlos leave every 20 minutes from 5:45 am to 8:30 pm, leaving from Gran Terminal Nacional de Transporte in Albrook. For more information visit:


You can rent a car for approximately $65 to $250 a week, it takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes drive from the city to Rio Mar. Driving to Playa Rio Mar is easy. We are located just after the town of San Carlos which is 93km from Panama City.
You have to drive away from Panama City, drive through the Panamerican highway (you can take the Bridge of the Americas or Centennial Bridge) heading to the town of San Carlos.

80 Kms form the city you will see Coronado Malls at the left and right side (there's a Mc Donald's, KFC , Rey and 99 supermarkets), you will be only 12 km away from the entrance of the town of San Carlos, there is a police station on the left side and a Texaco gas station. On your left you will see the entrance to Playa Rio Mar. Once you enter, you drive 500 mts and then turn right, you will see RMSC on your right.

If you are coming from Chiriqui or Los Santos, you have to drive a couple of hundreds Kms pass the town of Divisa and keep driving in direction to Panama City on the Panamerican highway. There is a town called Penonome which is around 50 km from us passing penonome you will have to pass several small towns Anton, Rio Hato; passing Rio Hato you will see signs of some of the big hotels in the area of Playa Blanca, Decameron, then the small town of Santa Clara, Casamar, and right after that you will see the Playa Rio Mar entrance on your right hand side.

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